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CCM Axis Pro Goalie Leg Pads - Senior

by CCM
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Brand new for 2020, CCM has revolutionised their flagship line and brought out the CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads. Building off their successful flat faced design, the Axis Pro has integral new pieces of technology that provide the best seal and movement for today’s goaltender.

Starting with the internal core of the pad, the Axis Pro has a tremendous weight reduction all thanks to the LiteXCore Technology. On top of this core is the Max Rebound+ Technology which combines with the rest of the core to give the goaltender one of the most active and hardest rebounds to date.

Moving to the backside of the pad, you will notice the lack of leather straps. This is due to CCM utilising a fully elastic and nylon style setup to keep the pad connected on the leg while reducing weight. You will find a 2” wide elastic strap which comes out of the knee block and can attach directly across the knee or angled down to the calf. The attachment on the outside of the knee is still removable via nylon straps and Velcro.

Building off the same technology put into previous models, the top calf strap is still noted as the most important and integral to a pads successful rotation which CCM has coined as the Quick Motion Strapping System. This top elastic calf strap runs internally along the goaltender’s calf and provides a snug support which can all be adjusted by a Velcro closure.

Following the same build pattern as the Quick Motion top calf strap, there is a large nylon strap which closes off the entire leg channel. This strap begins on the inside of the calf and double through a loop on the outside of the leg channel and Velcro’s back onto itself. This strap can be adjusted as tight or as loose as desired, but it is recommended to keep it tighter as it will help pull the calf of the pad tight to the inside of the leg.

New on the Axis Pro is a 3D moulded calf wedge that provides key support down in the butterfly. This new piece has a large pillow between the calf wedge that touches the ice and the inner calf wedge that sits against the goalie’s leg. With the addition of this piece removing negative space, it provides more support to the goaltender’s leg while simultaneously keeping the pad sealed to the ice.

Continuing with CCM’s other pad offerings, the entire Axis Pro pad comes with SpeedSkin lined with strategic digital prints to provide a unique look and the best durability. Combined with the hex print style on certain zones, this graphic will be sure to turn heads.

Finishing off the back of the pad, you will notice several little details which enhance the overall design of the Axis Pro pads. On the boot channel, it is slightly flattened out, so the pad sits on top of the goaltender’s foot. Next, the inner and outer calf flaps do not extend past the goaltender’s foot, so the skate is able to grip the ice un-prohibited. Lastly, the outer gusset is now bindingless and made of SpeedSkin which provides better durability and a reduced weight.

If you are an elite-level butterfly goaltender who is looking for the lightest CCM pad ever made, with the hardest rebound patterns, look no further than the CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Leg Pads.


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Size: 34+2