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CCM Axis

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Brand new for 2022, CCM introduces the newest iteration of their flagship line, the CCM Axis A2.5 Junior Goalie Glove! Building off of the success of the original Axis, the Axis 2 introduces new technologies and materials to take your game to an even higher level.

Visually the Axis A2.5 glove is designed with SpeedSkin broken up in to several large zones throughout the design, intercut with much smaller, striking, zones to break up the design and distract the shooter.

Starting with the shape, CCM has rolled out their all new 591 break angle on the Axis 2 Pro glove, which is based off the wildly popular 590 or 60 degree break angle, but redesigned for enhanced closure, feel and responsiveness. Paired with an all new LITECORE one-piece cuff design with a kid-friendly feel, the Axis A2.5 offers a large blocker surface to show to the shooter and allow for a natural catch.

In the pocket of the glove, CCM has taken the massive success from the previous models and added the Double Straight T as a stock option on the Axis A2.5. This pocket allows the goalie to completely see into the pocket and still yield for a soft catch. At the base of the spine of the T, there is a U-shaped design which keeps for a clean attachment point and promotes an easy break in and game ready feel right out of the box. On the spines of the glove, they have been stiffened to help give a better shape and depth to the pocket which will give the goalie the maximum depth allowed to help cradle pucks.

Moving to the interior of the glove, CCM has completely redesigned the fit of the Axis 2 Pro. It now features a Cross Form strap, which secures the back of the hand via multiple attachment points; this allows for greater responsiveness while still allowing for unmatched mobility. A Suregrip palms provides comfort, feel, and added responsiveness.

Finishing on the backhand of the glove, the backhand and cuff utilize the all new FlexMotion2 design, with the cuff offering strategic flex pints and layered protection allowing for a greater range of motion; the backhand is a strategic tri-flex design which offers unmatched high impact protection.

Designed for junior butterfly goalies, the CCM Axis A2.5 Junior Goalie Glove is truly designed to let you play ALL OUT!

Color: White