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EFlex 6.9 Body Armour

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Brand new for 2023, CCM introduces the newest version of their beloved Extreme Flex line of chest protectors, the CCM Extreme Flex E6.9 Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector; designed to help you move faster and react quicker from puck drop to the final buzzer!

Starting at the shoulders, Compression molded HD foam shoulder caps offer optimized protection, while the floaters feature quick-release Velcro adjustments with a flex motion design, for an easy customized fit that moves with the goalie.

Molded HD foam is found in the sternum for improved impact protection, while the chest and ribs feature multi-segmented HD/LD ventilated foams for optimized and extended protection and coverage with added breathability and mobility. All of this is complimented by an Aer-Tec ventilation system comprised of perforated foams and abrasion-resistant mesh to maximize breathability.

Moving out to the arms, compression molded HD foam in the bicep and forearm offers improved protection and mobility.

At the elbow an independently adjustable design with a comfort fit cap offers a personalized fit and unmatched mobility.

Finally around to the backplate, CCM’s all-new Air-Tec ventilation system offers optimal airflow and breathability.

If you are an advanced-level goalie looking for the ultimate in mobility and protection in a chest protector with the added performance benefit of keeping your body temperature more regulated than ever before, don’t pass up the CCM Extreme Flex E6.9 Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector!

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