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CCM XS Tongue Extra - Pair

by CCM
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The next generation of CCM skates are becoming more customisable than ever, and the next step in that is the CCM XS TONGUE. Designed to help with customising the skate to fit you the best, choosing from SLIM, REGULAR, or EXTRA can increase or decrease the volume of your skate to find the best fit, in the skate that you want.

SLIM Tongue-:

  • 4mm black tongue for additional boot volume
  • 25% lighter than XS tongue regular
  • Moulded lace-bite protection
  • Customisable tongue tab

REGULAR Tongue-:

  • 7mm white tongue for standard boot volume
  • Moulded D3O lace-bite protection
  • 20% more resistant than stock Super Tacks AS3 Pro tongue
  • Customisable tongue tab

EXTRA Tongue-:

  • 10mm black tongue for reduced boot volume
  • 43% thicker than the regular XS tongue
  • Moulded D3O lace-bite protection
  • 25% more resistant than stock Super Tacks AS3 Pro Tongue
  • Customisable tongue tab

Sizing guide:

  • X-Small - 1-3.5
  • Small - 4-5.5
  • Medium - 6-7.5
  • Large - 8-9.5
  • X-Large - 10-12.5


Type: Extra
Size: X-Small