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CCM Replacement Wheels

by CCM
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The CCM Outdoor Hockey Wheels (4-Pack) are featured on the new CCM Tacks 9040R Roller Hockey Skates and are ideal for players who skate on tough surfaces like asphalt and concrete. CCM designed them with a rounded profile to increase grip and control, and used an 82A durometer to withstand the wear from hard surfaces.

  • Includes: (4) CCM Outdoor Wheels
  • Ideal Playing Surface: Asphalt, Concrete
  • Fit Guidelines: Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size
Wheel Profile: 
  • Rounded - More surface area creates better grip and control
Construction:  Single Durometer
  • Smaller core design allows the outer urethane to flex maximizing grip.
  • Designed for asphalt and concrete
Hub Size:  Standard 608
Hardness Available: 
  • 82A
Sizes Available: 
  • 76mm, 80mm
Size: 76mm