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CCM Jetspeed FTW Womens Hockey Shoulder Pads

by CCM
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Over the past few years, CCM Hockey has worked with pro-level female players to create protective equipment specifically designed for women by women! The CCM JetSpeed FTW Women’s Shoulder Pads are packed with innovative adjustment and protective features that make them an elite-level pad.

The chest panel on the JetSpeed FTW Shoulder Pads are constructed of premium moulded foams that are incredibly lightweight and protective. These shoulder pads also utilise an adjustable strapping system so players can customise how the pads fit and feel. This design helps increase range of motion and protection!

The shoulder caps utilise a low-profile design and feature CCM’s D30 Smart Material for pro-level protection. This material helps absorb the force of impacts, such as body checks or blocked shots, and it away from the body. The bicep guards are also length adjustable, giving players even more fit customisation.

Predicting where hits will land can be hard to predict, so CCM added extra side coverage to the torso area of the JetSpeed FTW Shoulder Pads giving an added layer of protection in the vulnerable ribcage area. Moving to the back of the shoulder pads, they utilise an anatomically fitting Moulded-PE spine panel. This provides maximum protection for the back and spine against a variety of impacts!

Women have been asking for equipment that fits their game and body, and CCM delivered with the JetSpeed FTW Women’s Shoulder Pads!

Size: Medium