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CCM Compression Pant with Grip - Jock

by CCM
Original price $119.00 - Original price $139.00
Original price
$119.00 - $139.00
Current price $119.00

Release yourself from restrictions with CCM's new compression jock pants. Designed to provide maximum comfort and mobility, this new addition to your base layer will keep you skating harder, longer.

The new compression pants feature back fabric support, which keeps everything in place, meaning you can move without your equipment moving. This enhancement to your range of motion will certainly have you blasting by your adversaries with ease. The contoured cut of the pants fits smoothly over the body.

This new asset to your base layer also comes with a new jock design, enabling exceptional comfort and movement. The cup is attached to the pant by new fabric flaps that reduce the amount of fabric wrapped around your legs. This keeps the cup in place without hindering your movement or causing discomfort.

Age: Junior
Size: Small