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CCM Axis A2.5 Junior Goalie Leg Pads

by CCM
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Brand new for 2022, CCM introduces the newest iteration of their flagship line, the CCM Axis A2.5 Junior Goalie Leg Pads! Building off of the success of the original Axis, the Axis A2.5 introduces new technologies and materials to take your game to an even higher level.

Starting with the internal core of the pad, the Axis A2.5 will feature CCM’s LITECORE, designed to be a super lightweight yet stiff pad that delivers incredibly powerful rebounds.

The knee stack on the Axis A2.5 has been completely redesigned by CCM; it now features the Dynamic Response System (DRS), an HD foam landing zone designed to increase both the seal and stability while allowing for maximum speed and powerful movements.

The leg channel features a stock loose fit combined with the second generation of CCM’s Quick Motions Strap System (QMSS), which includes a molded upper calf strap to help with optimal leg positioning and pad rotation.

An HD raised flat inside edge design allows for maximized seal and stability for powerful cross crease movements.

Finally down at the boot a 90 degree angle with a shallow channel allows for enhanced range of motion and connectivity to increase power to your pushes.

Visually the Axis A2.5 Junior leg pads are designed with SpeedSkin broken up in to several large zones throughout the design, intercut with much smaller, striking, zones to break up the design and distract the shooter.

Designed for junior butterfly goalies, the CCM Axis A2.5 Junior Goalie Leg Pads are truly designed to let you play ALL OUT!

Size: 28+1
Color: Toronto