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For players with strong strides and big power who go all out.


CCM Tacks Skates

The Tacks Ice Skates from CCM have been designed for players seeking increased power on the ice. With a stiffer boot design than the other lines of ice skates from CCM, the Tacks Ice Skates offer superlative support and increased power in your stride.

The Tacks Ice Skates help you maximize your force generation for longer, stronger strides on the ice. Offered in a wide, regular, or tapered fit, the Tacks ice skates are easy to customize for a more personalized hockey experience. Built around the trademark CCM one-piece boot, the Tacks ice skates are designed for a more direct energy transfer so you can go all out on the ice.

Comfortable and lightweight, the Tacks ice skates keep you light on your feet without sacrificing power, and their blend of cutting-edge technology makes them an ideal choice for men, women, and children seeking to add power to their stride.