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CCM Tacks AS 580 Hockey Shoulder Pads - Senior

by CCM
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Brand new for 2022, CCM is revamping their Tacks protective line. Backed by science, Tacks protection has been tested and validated in the renowned CCM lab to ensure quality and functionality. With updates in the design, protection, and comfort aspects, the CCM Tacks AS 580 Senior Shoulder Pads are designed to offer great protection while enhancing mobility.

Jumping right into the build of the Tacks AS 580 Shoulder Pads, CCM has a new max coverage anatomical shield design. ASD puts protection at the forefront, providing ultra-comfort and a customizable fit. ASD is engineered to offer top quality protection. Coupled with a front flex motion design, which offers competitive-level protection, mobility, and comfort.

Moving to the shoulders of the Tacks AS 580 Shoulder Pads, the caps are constructed with JDP injected caps. This enhanced elite-level construction disperses the impact force away from shoulders. Moving down from the caps, the biceps will feature height adjustable bicep guards. This makes it easier to find your perfect fit and gives you a customized feel. Additionally, CCM has floating arches for clavicle and shoulder blade protection. This is designed for optimal mobility and comfort.

One of the most important protective parts of the AS 580 shoulder pad is the sternum and spine protection. CCM is using Vent-tech floating sternum hybrid shields with compress molded spine caps. Vent-tech construction will allow for added breathability in these hot spots, keeping you cool, while the all-new hybrid shield sternum along with compress-molded spine caps, offer competitive level protection.

Moving to the mid-section, CCM has included an adaptfit height adjustable and removable belly pad. This offers customizable coverage to help enhance your protection.

On the interior of the Tacks AS 580 Shoulder Pads, CCM added a sublimated plus comfort liner. This superior quality comfort liner helps airflow to keep you dry throughout the entirety of the game.

Thanks to the new anatomical shield design, flexmotion fit, and new adaptfit strapping system, these shoulder pads were built to give you competitive level protection and mobility. If you are a competitive-level player looking for great protection and comfort in your gear, look no further than the CCM Tacks AS 580 Senior Shoulder Pads!

Size: Small