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FT6 Shoulder Pads - Senior

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New for the 2023 season are the CCM JetSpeed FT6 Shoulder Pads. CCM has revamped their protective line and designed them to offer maximum breathability in a highly mobile, lightweight yet reliable protective package. Players will feel lighter and cooler than ever without sacrificing protection.

The biggest change for the FT6 shoulder pads over previous models will be the all-new Aer-Tec thermoregulation system. This enhances air circulation, sweat evaporation and regulation of body heat. All of this helps to allow the body’s core temperature to cool quicker, helping players to keep cool and make faster, better decisions when it counts.

Moving right into the construction of the Jetspeed FT6 Shoulder Pads, CCM is using an amplified mobility design with molded PE foams. There will also be max ventilation for cooling to help keep your body and gear light throughout the game. This low-profile fit is going to give a close to the body feel and provide great freedom of movement. This is paired up with ultra-light Ufoam constructed shoulder caps that provide solid protection in a lightweight package.

Moving down the arm to the biceps, CCM used PE molded caps with length adjustment for a custom fit on the arm. In the torso, CCM incorporated more of their molded PE foams with large ventilation ports. An Aer-Tec suspension system will provide optimal ventilation in the torso and back as well.

The Jetspeed FT6 Shoulder Pads also feature hybrid shield sternum & spine protection with ventilated ports and HDPE plastics offer high caliber protection. Up at the top, there is floating clavicle coverage with PE plastic guards that will not weigh you down.

For the Liner of the Jetspeed FT6 Shoulder Pads, CCM is going with a unique liner-free design that allows you to stay dry by not absorbing sweat and weighing you down. This is combined with the Aer-Tec suspended mesh liner to create max ventilation for cooling and evaporation.

Size: XL