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CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro Stick - INT

CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro Stick - INT

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Their nightmare starts here! The Super Tacks AS2 Pro Stick 

features a soft mid-section which allows for a longer loading period to store more energy, while the stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response for a scary powerful shot.

The ACU4 blade is the stiffest blade in CCM's arsenal with lightweight construction provides max feel and shot control. Plus, the reinforced toe and heel provides unmatched durability. The design of the taper creates a well-balanced stick that provides greater stability and control when leaning into a shot. The stiff taper reduces twist for greater shot accuracy, giving you the control you need to score at will.


  • Mid-kick for max loading
  • AC4U Blade-Stiffest blade on the roster
  • Optimized stability and control