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CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Pants - SR

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Pants - SR

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The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Ice Hockey Pants remain one of the best on the market for protection and coverage. D30, CCM's premier smart foam, reinforces two major areas that take on high and low energy impacts, the spine and hip. The hip caps utilize CCM's JDP construction that disperses impact energy away from the hip joint while D30 absorbs the energy. The floating spine guard offers players a ton of coverage and protection to the lower back. The spine guard attaches to the tailbone with Velcro, allowing players to adjust the height of the protection in order to obtain the perfect coverage. D30 reinforces HD closed-cell foam, and then thick medium-density foam rests against the lower spine for incredible comfort.

Anatomically shaped around the waist are molded PE kidney protection lined with medium-density foam. The floating belly pad has segmented medium-density foam and attaches to the skate lace tie up system, while the pro-inspired internal belt keeps the pants secured around the waist. Hidden just behind the padded belt is the 1" extension system for taller players, and zippered leg openings allow for more volume around the legs.

Down low, molded PE thigh guards also have a floating design within the shell to increase coverage in all aspects of the game, and also allow teams or players to easily give their shell a custom embellishment. Externally, the AS1's are built with durable 400D nylon and polyester with added abrasion panels to the high wear areas. The polyester helps the pants to breathe and gets a boost of airflow with strategically placed vented mesh panels.


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