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CCM Ribcor 42K Ice Skate - SR

CCM Ribcor 42K Ice Skate - SR

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  • Pump: Advanced Pump - Most efficient pump to date for personalized fit with added comfort
  • Quarter: Elite Synthetic upper - Lightweight structure for enhanced forward flexion
  • Core: Lightweight elite synthetic core - Enhanced support and durability
  • Liner: Dual Zone Lightweight Tricot - Comfortable fit and durability
  • Outsole: Vented low profile injected outsole - Maximizes energy transfer with moisture management
  • Footbed: CCM footbed - Designed for comfort and Support
  • Tongue: 2-Piece High density felt tongue
  • Holder Runner: SpeedBlade 4.0 Pro - non-replaceable Stainless Steel long lasting edge runner taking advantage of the 4mm to increase the angle of attack