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CCM Orthomove Hockey Skate Insoles

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The CCM OrthoMove Hockey Soles were designed to help provide maximum energy transfer while skating. With this, CCM has designed specific customizable insoles for your specific needs.

These soles feature three different arch-supporting inserts that players can switch in and out depending on their arch height. The low-arch insert provides no additional height, the medium-arch insert provides a 4 millimetre increase, and the high-arch insert provides a 7 millimetre increase. This concept allows for players to maximize their energy transfer, providing them with top-end speed. For ultimate customization, players can mix and match the arch heights on each foot to meet their exact needs.

The footbed of the CCM OrthoMove Hockey Insoles also feature CCM’s PowerGrid Technology. Within the soles, there are engineered components that further help with energy transfer for players looking for optimal skating performance on the ice.

If you are a player who is looking for a dialled in custom fit to their existing skate or want to get even better energy transfer in their strides, the CCM OrthoMove Hockey Insoles are for you.

Size: Medium 5 - 6.5