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CCM Jetspeed Ice Girdle

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The CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Girdle represents elite-level protection in a highly customizable fit. The thigh guards have both length and width adjustability so players can fine-tune their fit in order to maximize not only their comfort but coverage and protection as well.
JDP hip caps are a unique design exclusive to CCM that disperses impact energy away from the leg, allowing players to confidently dish out or receive a big hip check. The hips, along with the kidney protection, are then constructed with moulded PE and foam for the highest level of protection.
D30 Smart Foam, another exclusive material only found in CCM's elite-level protection, has been placed in the spine guard to fully protect players in a vital area. D30 Foam reacts to impact energy by quickly hardening and absorbing the energy before it reaches the body.
Size: Small