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CCM Jetspeed FT-460 Skate - SR

CCM Jetspeed FT-460 Skate - SR

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The CCM JetSpeed FT460 ice hockey skates provide the right support and comfort for the player who skates a couple times per month or less and fits best in a low-profile model.

  • A low-profile fit for skaters with low-volume dimensions
  • Ergonomic boot for a quality fit
  • SpeedBlade XS holder (Senior model only) for a fast blade-release system
  • SpeedBlade XS Stainless runner (Senior model only) for a long lasting edge
  • Multi density memory foam for a customized feel
  • HD micro-fiber for good durability
  • Anatomical response footbed for solid support

When purchasing a new hockey skate, it is important to look for the option that fits your foot best so you can get the most out of your stride. If you’re unsure, or if you’re looking for an accurate measurement and assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey store. The JetSpeed FT460 is designed to offer a low-volume fit, ideal for the player with low-volume foot dimensions. This skate is constructed with an ergonomic boot for a quality fit, and some stiffness to help with overall skating performance. 

The FT460 skate includes the top-end SpeedBlade Xchange System holder in the Senior model (the junior model uses the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder). The SpeedBlade XS provides players with an easy-to-use blade exchange system, allowing you to swap out a damaged or broken runner quickly and efficiently. To do so, simply roll the BladeLock dial until you feel resistance, then pull the damaged blade out. Replace your runner by lining up the notches of the steel with the spaces in the holder and turning back the dial to fully engage and lock in the new blade. With this technology found throughout the 2019 JetSpeed line, players at any level can replace a skate blade and be back on the ice in time for the next shift.