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CCM Axis 1.9 Goalie Chest & Arm Protector - Senior

by CCM
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Brand new for 2020, the CCM Axis A1.9 Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector incorporates redesigned segments and shapes to provide today’s goaltender with the maximum coverage and impact protection.

The Axis A1.9 Senior is similar to previous models that CCM has put out, but now, we can see strategic cuts, segments and shapes to make the goalie look as large as possible, without sacrificing mobility or protection. Starting with the visual look, CCM’s uses a new nylon to provide a sleek look and design. This material is meant to provide a great feel that fights abrasions over time.

At the shoulders on the Axis A1.9 Senior, you will see a squared off design to maximum space above the goalies’ arm and next to their mask. At the back of the shoulder, there are Velcro tabs to be able to adjust the height, width and placement of the floaters

Moving to the body, the Axis A1.9 Senior utilises high performance HD foam technology in the sternum to provide the confidence in net that goalies need. The lower body section of the unit has been revamped with ergonomically segmented chest blocks to increase mobility and reduce break-in time. Wrapping through to the ribs is multi-segmented sections of HD foam that offer exceptional protection around the ribs and allowing for a tight seal to the body with the arms.

Capping off this outstanding body protection is an overlapping segment of HD foam which provides extra coverage to account for the newly redesigned and repositioned shoulder floaters.

The arms have been redesigned with a full wrap around moulded bicep and forearm protection to stay square to the shooter. At the bicep and triceps, there are neoprene sleeves which the goalie will pass their arms through. These neoprene sleeves provide a super tight fit inside the arm and will not let the arm of the unit slide around on the body during play. The elbow cup is still adjustable as well with 3 simple pieces of elastic and Velcro. The front of the elbow features compression moulded HD foams to provide ample protection and a light weight feeling in the arms.

Lastly, the backplate is enhanced with a buckle-less design so there is no potential for pucks to break any buckles. This design comes from the middle of the spine and Velcro’s on the side for the ribs.

If you are an intermediate-level goalie looking for maximum coverage without sacrificing protection, the CCM Axis A1.9 Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector is the way to go.


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