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A light, fast skate with hybrid features for players who like to step on the gas.


CCM Jetspeed Skates

As the name says, Jetspeed ice skates are built for maximized speed and acceleration. With a construction offering average stiffness and hybrid features, the Jetspeed ice skates are an excellent solution to players seeking all-around speed.

Customize your Jetspeed ice skates by choosing a fit between the tapered, regular, or wide fits on offer. The Jetspeed skates come outfitted with a metatomic tongue that can be adjusted to your exact foot shape and soft, comfortable liners that keep your feet dry while you go all out on the ice. The carefully calibrated design of the Jetspeed ice skates allows players to generate a more direct energy transfer easily, which translates to more speed using less effort.

With models appropriate for men, women, and children, the Jetspeed ice skates are an excellent way to step up your game with a comfortable and durable skate that’ll get you moving fast on the ice.