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CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Stick - SR

CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Stick - SR

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Over the past two years, the Tacks line has been proving itself due to its consistent performance. The Super Tacks 2.0 stays true to that while pushing the performance and durability levels further, as a result of our new partnership with Sigmatex, a global leader in performance composite fibre. The kick point has also been improved to give better feel on passes while providing great loading on wrist shots and slap shots. Finally, the blade is extremely stiff allowing players to hit their target more consistently, really improving their shooting accuracy. The new Super Tacks 2.0 redefines what all around performance means.

Performance Combined with Durability

Our new partnership with Sigmatex allows us to achieve new performance and strength levels due to their tried and true carbon weave. This technology is also used on performance race cars and military equipment.

More Responsive Kick Point

Players will get the same benefits from the two distinct loading zones, one softer for wrist shots and one stiffer for slap shots, but will also have the advantage of having a more responsive taper to improve the feel on passes.

Unmatched Shooting Accuracy

The blade on the SuperTacks 2.0 is very stiff making the opening angle very slim, so it allows players to be more consistently accurate. The addition of Sigmatex not only provides stiffness but helps to increase durability.

  • Kick Point: RESPONSIVE DUAL FLEX PROFILE - Mid kick point with two optimized loading zones, one for wrist shots and one for slap shots, while making the bottom of the taper a little bit softer for a more responsive feel.
  • Shaft: BUMPER TECHNOLOGY - Reinforcements molded into the corners of the shaft for improved durability and consistency.
  • Blade: ULTRA ATTACKFRAME BLADE WITH 12K WEAVE - A lightweight blade with high torsional and bending stiffness for accurate shooting and passing.
  • Grip: FULL GRIP - Improved control and feel.


  • Sigmatex composite construction
  • Responsive Dual Flex profile
  • ACU2 Blade technology